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Semester Program

When you come to Rome for our semester program, you don’t have to imagine the history, the art, and the culture—you actually get to experience it! You will be immersed in life in Italy while having the opportunity to be academically challenged by qualified professors teaching from a Christian worldview. Learning to think critically in a global context will enable you to live out and defend your faith in today’s post-Christian culture, as well as to function effectively in today’s global environment.

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Semester Program Details

For three months, Italy will be your classroom as we take an unforgettable plunge into the glorious past of Rome, a breath-taking walk through the monumental witnesses and imposing buildings of the Eternal City. We’ll also see the current influences of Italian politics, religion, and customs that make Italy the complex culture that it is today.

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Fall 2021

  • Students leave the USA on Friday, September 10, and arrive in Rome on Saturday, September 10.
  • Students return to the USA on Thursday, December 9.
  • Travel week dates: October 9-17 and November 13-21.


Follow these easy steps to join us for an unforgettable semester program in Rome!

Step 1

Review our website to understand our program.

Step 2

Talk to your parents and your academic advisor about studying with us

Step 3

Contact your university’s registrar or study abroad office to arrange for academic credit from your Rome with Purpose courses

Step 4

Contact your university financial aid office if you plan to use financial aid for your Rome with Purpose experience.

Step 5

Start an online application


Write us with any questions you have, or send us a phone number and we can call or Skype with you.

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