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Academic Credit and Official Transcripts for the Semester Program

Students who successfully complete the Rome with Purpose semester program will receive 15 semester hours of academic credit issued by Geneva College which is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The cost for this service is $125.

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Courses Offered in the Spring 2020 Semester

  • The History of Ideas
    This course is an introduction to the history of Western ideas and aesthetics—from the age of Classicism, through Christianity, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Modernism, and Globalism—designed to provide students with a more enhanced sense of how modern Western worldviews are informed by historical human thought and events. These views are further examined in light of the aesthetics of their ages, especially through literature, visual art, architecture, and music that reflect the thoughts and feelings of the movements. Field trips to classic sites in and around Rome are an integral feature.
  • Understanding the Art of Architecture
    Because the students in this program are most likely not intending to pursue a career in architecture, the purpose of this course is to inspire a comprehension of the built environment, through the study and analysis of historical examples. Rather than just receiving information about historical events, the students will be challenged to examine buildings, both from the past and the present, and evaluate them in terms of the purposes for which they were designed and built and their significance as a part of the setting for human activities. Through the use of texts that describe the history of built structures throughout the world as well as an analysis of the elements of buildings and their composition the students will gain an in-depth understanding of what a building is and how it functions. Due to the setting of these classes, an emphasis will be placed on European architecture and visits will be made to see examples in Rome and Florence.
  • History of the Christian Church
    History of the Christian Church is a survey of the development of the Christian Church from the close of the New Testament period to the present time, with special attention to the role of Rome in the development of Christian thought. The course will provide an examination of the church as an institution and as a people. Thus, while context, dates and names establish the background for historical understanding of the institution of the church, ideas will also be discussed from an explicitly evangelical perspective. Students will therefore gain a historical basis for understanding current ideas and trends in the church and in ministry.
  • The Ancient Roman World
    This course introduces the students to the elements of the History of Rome, by focusing on the daily life of Ancient Romans in relation to their language, culture and religion. As they live in Rome, the attendees are to observe and explore by field educational trips to ancient sites of Rome and Ancient Ostia. The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the historical and cultural context of the Roman World affecting future developments in Western society.
  • Cultural Perspectives and Italian Language
    As authors David C. Thomas and Kerr Inkson state in their book Cultural Intelligence, Living and Working Globally, “The twenty-first century world is increasingly global, and the ability to deal effectively with others who are culturally different has become a daily necessity. This globalization is being fueled by dramatic economic shifts in many countries and by advances in communications technology. We may not travel the globe but the world has come to us. Daily we have to deal with international issues and with people from other countries and cultures” (p.174). This course will maximize the experience of living in Europe by developing the student’s cultural intelligence to enable them to function effectively with other cultures. Cultural intelligence is a multifaceted competency consisting of cultural knowledge, the practice of mindfulness, and developing a repertoire of cross-cultural skills. As part of this course, students will develop basic Italian language ability to assist them with their study abroad experience in Rome.
  • NEW COURSE in the Fall 2020 semester –  International Business
    Students will learn not only the major aspects of international business but also how the discipline of international business coexists with the Christian worldview and how as a business person one can negotiate faith in the international marketplace. This course will focus on how we can create value for customers, organizations, and economic powers (countries) and how we in turn capture value from international customers in return. During this course, we will engage in discussions on cultural discernment that include the Biblical principles of humility, shalom and justice as well as the caring and responsible participation in foreign culture.
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Click HERE for a PDF of the Spring 2020 calendar showing arrival/departure dates, class schedule and weeks available for independent travel.


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  • Italian Cooking Lessons – Who doesn’t love Italian food? And while you’re living in community at Rome with Purpose, you’ll have the opportunity to have cooking lessons with Debbie Peck, Rome with Purpose’s Manager and resident “chef”. Debbie has published two cookbooks and will show you how easy it is to roast peppers, make gnocchi, fresh pasta, and homemade biscotti.
  • Photography – With its world-famous monuments and quaint alleys and caffes, Rome boasts some of the most scenic places for photos. But why do so many tourists go back with bad photos? Larry Peck, Rome with Purpose’s Director, will teach you important basics so you can capture great photos!
  • Teaching English to Italians and refugees – several evangelical churches in Rome cooperate in helping refugees learn to speak English or Italian. We are also exploring possibilities of tutoring elementary Italian students in English at a nearby school.
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