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Outreach and Missions

As followers of Jesus Christ, we’re called to be salt and light, thereby participating in outreach and missions. While you are in Europe, we are prepared to help you find opportunities for outreach and missions by connecting you with a local church in Rome or helping you find a place to serve on a missions trip. Here are several ways students can get involved in outreach and missions while at Rome with Purpose:

  • Participate in a week-long missions trip in Europe during one of your Independent Travel weeks, such as working with an orphanage in Romania
  • Teach English on Tuesday evening at Rome Baptist Church
  • Assist local Christians with games, skits and sports in after-school kids’ clubs in Finocchio
  • Participate with practical help for refugees in Rome
  • Learn more about ministries in Rome which work to counter human trafficking
  • Participate with local Italian university students in outreach

We will partner with the Rome Baptist Church, Breccia di Roma, Chiesa Città di Roma, and the Finocchio Brethren Church to assist them in sharing the Gospel in the greater Rome area.

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