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Lorenza Decarli, Study Abroad Italian Professor

Lorenza Decarli holds a bachelor in Oriental Language at University of Ca’ Foscari Venice. During her time at college, she spent a year abroad studying Arabic in Syria. She moved to Rome to get a master’s degree in Cultural Mediation in Migration Context at RomaTre University.

As a staff member of Arcadia University, she has worked for more than 15 years with study abroad undergraduate students from different American universities. At Arcadia, Lorenza also oversaw financial and administrative duties together with the organization of all the aspects of Study Abroad Programs.

Lorenza also earned the Certification to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and successfully engaged in the teaching and coordination of the Arcadia Italian Language Program with the aim of increasing student immersion into the local culture to facilitate the daily use of the Italian language.

Lorenza also serves as a volunteer at Casetta Rossa, a local association working with refugees.

She loves travelling and discovering off the beaten track places and one of her challenges is to find the hidden places unspoiled by tourism.

Lorenza teaches Survival Italian Language as part of the Cultural Understanding class.