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Brian Shelton, Study Abroad Professor

Dr. Brian Shelton

Brian Shelton is the author of Quest for the Historical Apostles: Tracing Their Lives and Legacies, Prevenient Grace: God’s Provision for Fallen Humanity, and Martyrdom from Exegesis in Hippolytus, the latter of which investigates an early church father in Rome. He has served for nearly 20 years in higher education and he loves engaging college students and sorting through the ideas of life. Dr. Shelton is the Chair of the Christian Studies and Philosophies Department and a Professor of Theology at Asbury University. He has led several studies abroad in Europe, finding student learning with on-site experiences to be one of the best ways for grasping history. Brian is married to Sally and they share three daughters. He enjoys reading historical fiction set in ancient Rome and writing about figures and ideas from church history. Dr. Shelton teaches the History of Western Thought course at Rome with Purpose.