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Work/Mission Trip Scholarship

This scholarship is valued at $1000 and was established as a way of encouraging students who are are not eligible for institutional aid from their university while studying with Rome with Purpose.

To qualify for this scholarship, the student will be asked to help out with chores at Rome with Purpose for three hours a week, during the regular class weeks (about 9 weeks).

In addition, the student will spend one of their three Independent Travel Weeks helping with a missions project in Europe. If the student knows a missionary in Europe to work with, that is the best option. This will allow the student to raise funds from their local church and from friends, as anyone going on a missions trip would. If the student does not have any contacts in Europe, Rome with Purpose will work with the student to find a missions project with a local church in Rome or elsewhere in Europe.


  • Must be able to give a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
  •  Must be an active member of a local church.
  •  GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  •  Must have a letter of recommendation from a church pastor (due to your  participation in a missions trip).


  • Helping with chores 3 hours a week during the regular class weeks (about 9 weeks total)
  • Participate in a missions trip during one of the three Independent Travel Weeks.

How to Apply

  • Complete the online application below and submit.
  • Ask your church pastor or school chaplain to send a letter of recommendation to Please note that we cannot process your application for this scholarship until we have this reference.
Work/Missions Trip Scholarship Application